Saturday, February 16, 2008

TimeMachine v0.1

Dark_AleX has released TimeMachine v0.1, his latest creation that allows the use of the 1.50 kernel on the PSP Slim. As I expected it is not a full 1.50 kernel, but a hybrid 1.50/3.40 kernel, like what was done when he made screen display for Pandora on the PSP Slim.

Apart from that, TimeMachine can also load 3.40 OE and 3.60 M33. However, you will require a Pandora battery in order to use TimeMachine.

TimeMachine is able to load these firmwares even if the existing firmware on NAND is destroyed. Of course, your idStorage has to be intact. There are quite a number of bugs in the 1.50/3.40 hybrid firmware, but this should be used mainly for running 1.50 homebrew that previously could not run on the PSP Slim.

What's interesting: In the future it might be possible to load idStorage from the memory stick.

Download TimeMachine v0.1


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